38 Years Later, I Return to the Borderlands.

Like nearly every DnD kid in 1980, I DM’d The Keep on the Borderlands. It was ubiquitous. I still have my original B2 module in my DnD collection. I was really excited to see Goodman Games choose DnD’s  B1 In Search of the Unknown and B2 The Keep on the Borderlands as the first (and hopefully not last) volume of their new Original Adventures Reincarnated tomes, Into the Borderlands.

This 384 page monstrosity begins with interviews of various creators about the influence B1/B2 had on them. It then presents two versions of the module In Search of the Unknown, and points out subtle differences. This chapter is followed by some example “stocking” of B1 as it was intentionally sparse of monsters and treasure in order to give new DMs some crafting space.

Two versions of B2 The Keep on the Borderlands follow with differences again pointed out. Then in Chapter 5, page 182 we get to see the show we paid for. The new content, presentation of the older content, and 5E adaptations of these incredible classic modules. This amazing volume is well worth the $50 and I can’t wait for future Reincarnated offerings.


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